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Your specialist Australian craft magazine supplier to the UK and Europe – Manor House Magazines is looking to expand its network of retailers to sell this stunning range of increasingly popular magazines, covering:

Patchwork, Quilting, Stitchery, Embroidery and Textiles.

For a fast, reliable and efficient service, shipments are imported from Australia each month and sent to you directly by courier. For further information, talk to one of our friendly team who will be happy to help you:


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Inspire and Create Desire: Why You Should Stock Our Craft Magazines

Would you like to boost your shop’s footfall, customer loyalty, and spend? You can with our bespoke range of Australian craft magazines – here’s why…

People like to shop. Retail therapy gives people a buzz. It’s an experience.

Browsing through craft magazines, a crafter can indulge in their passion by picking up a ‘must have title’. What’s more, the glossy covers and cover line regarding the projects inside are so eye-catching, creating desire, that magazines often sell themselves.

Crafters tend to purchase magazines as a necessity rather than a luxury. Hobbies, pastimes, and interests are so important to their lifestyle, that these individuals are happy to buy magazines regularly. And this shouldn’t be a surprise when you consider that magazines allow your customers to treat themselves to a worthwhile indulgence and stay up to date with everything that’s happening in their niche.

Most people with a keen interest in a particular hobby will admit that a lot of their spare time is saturated with anything associated with their pastime. Such enthusiasts will also admit that this is also true when spending their cash - a lot of it goes on their hobby- especially magazines. Unlike stagnant items that a hobbyist can only purchase once, magazines have the unique ability of producing a 'fresh' product with every issue.

This is great news for retailers, as research has proven that crafters are more likely to buy every issue of their favourite magazine rather than making 'impulse purchases'. With many of these readers relying on specialist magazines for their regular feed of information, retailers who stock our range of craft magazines are seeing a significant increase in footfall in their stores. When you look at the facts and figures, it's easy to see why retailers who stock magazines usually have higher profit margins as basket spend increases with these great bolt-on product lines in craft stores.

As a specialist craft retailer, you will know the importance of catering to your customers' needs. As more and more people are turning to crafting hobbies as an inexpensive way to fill their spare time, just think how much your reputation and profits will soar once words get around that you are stocking these exclusive money-making craft magazines.

Our Australian craft magazines are not available in newsagents or high street retailers, making our magazines a unique drop in for customer with a love for crafting. Stocking our range of craft magazines can therefore help you gain even greater advantage over other local craft stores.

Craft Your Advantage:

The benefits of stocking specialist craft magazines to boost your business and meet your customer’s needs…

  1. Craft magazines attract new customers, boost footfall & drive repeat business – as a specialist craft retailer, customers will come to your shop to browse and buy our range of craft magazines that can’t be found in their local newsagents – we only supply craft retailers. Crafters are more likely to buy every issue of their favourite magazine rather than making 'impulse purchases'. Craft magazines therefore, give customers a reason to return to your shop again and again boosting customer loyalty.
  2. Enhance your reputation & customer satisfaction – as a specialist craft retailer, you can stock our range of magazines that customers struggle to find at retail.
  3. The right craft magazines fit with your craft shop – the right selection of magazines will dovetail perfectly with your core product lines.
  4. Craft Magazines are up-to-date products – the timely production of magazines means they’re bang up to date and on-trend with what matters to your customers.
  5. Craft magazines are easy to sell – craft magazines virtually sell themselves. A magazine display with eye-catching covers attract attention, draws the eye and gets customers buying.
  6. Craft magazine displays can be regularly refreshed – there’s always something new to tempt customers
  7. Craft magazines are space-saving – this high-churn product is light on valuable retail space
  8. Craft magazines are a perfect impulse purchase – craft magazines are a relatively inexpensive impulse purchase which leads to incremental sales. Linked to a customer’s interests, magazines are an easy purchase to justify. They provide inspiration and aren’t as expensive as craft books leading customers to place in their shopping basket. When magazines are also placed at till points, customers are very tempted to buy as a last-minute purchase.
  9. Craft magazines provide cross-selling opportunities – specialist craft magazines inspire and create desire and showcase the very materials and products you stock creating up-selling opportunities. They help create discussion and if customers see something in a magazine they think “oh I want to try/make that” and the end result is them buying the materials from the shop so the magazines do the cross selling for you.
  10. Craft magazines help people improve their knowledge & skills that also provide customers with valuable tips and ideas - Magazines cater for every ability and as abilities’ improve, spend also increases as customers passion for crafts deepen. Watch them grow in confidence and skill, bringing in examples of their new projects to discuss.
  11. Your staff will enjoy reading craft magazines too – helping them to stay up to date, with what’s happening in your niche. Some of our craft retailers often use them as inspiration for their range of ins-tore crafting classes.
  12. Earn a minimum of 30% of the cover price – magazines quickly become a profitable revenue stream.

In summary, stocking magazines can attract new customers, increase footfall, boost sales, and add a profitable revenue stream to your store, while also providing customers with new and interesting ideas and treat they deserve.

If you would like more information regarding stocking our range of Australian craft magazines to increase your sales in your store, give us a call on 01672 514288, or email us at: