Inspirations Index Issues 1 - 100

Inspirations Index Issues 1 - 100 - 1.00

This hugely popular Inspirations Index is the essential tool for avid readers of Inspirations Magazine.

This ultimate reference guide provides quick and easy look ups for content across all the magazines such as projects, techniques, designers and more.
Like any great needlework masterpiece, it all began with one stitch…

From humble beginnings in the dusty, rural town of Keith in South Australia, Inspirations blossomed into the world’s most beautiful needlework magazine. Internationally renowned and unrivalled.

With the release of issue #100, the inspirations library now encompasses over 900 projects by 250+ designers showcasing 80 different needlework techniques, all for your stitching pleasure.

As the Inspirations Magazine collection, the need for a reference guide across all of the issues to enable searching for a project by name, designer, or technique, in one easy to read resource became evident.

The very first Inspirations Index, released in 1999, was only 16 pages and covered issues #1-24. Fast forward to today, and with the release of this the 4th edition of the Index, all 100 issues have been catalogued, indexed and cross-referenced to make searching for all things Inspirations, a pleasure.

Key features of the new Inspirations Index 1-100 include:

• Simplified design and new page layout for improved ease of use
• For the first time each issue is listed in numerical order from 1–100
• Projects are now also arranged by issue number
• Includes project image, description, designer, technique, and page reference
• Images of each projects have has been increased in size by 50%
• Front cover image for each magazine has been added
• Updated list of errata

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